Terms & Conditions

Listed below are our policies and procedures for working with clients. Please read over the following for a better understanding of how we operate.


  1. Contracts

Before commencing any project, we begin with a legally binding contract. Each contract with specify the set price, project timeline, policies and individual procedures for each individual project. A project scope agreement may also be necessary prior to the contract in order to make sure each project is fulfilled to the client’s satisfaction.

  1. Payment

Fifty percent (50%) of the project fee/cost is due become commencing the project. The project down payment covers any tools, software and upfront cost associated with the project. This is also a safeguard to protect Crown Marketers from unpaid project fees. The final fifty percent (50%) must be paid upon project completion in order order to fully release the final project to the client.

All payment must be send though bank transfer, send through PayPal, mailed by cheque or delivered in cash. Credit Card payments are acceptable, however a 3% credit card fee will apply. Credit card payments may be taken in-person or through an emailed form (please contact Crown Marketers for the email credit card payment form upon payment if needed).

  1. Meetings

Physical meetings must be scheduled in advanced for projects. All meeting will be done in a close vicinity to Crown Marketers or at the client’s location if it is near by and at our discretion. Phone meetings, which involving discussing the project(s), must also be scheduled in advance to ensure appropriate time is allocated.

  1. Website Updates (Webmastering)

After the project is complete any updates or changes on the website are considered “Webmastering”. Webmastering is an additional service offered by us and is performed on an hourly basis. Webmastering payments can be done on a individual basis or on a schedule.

  1. Website Warranties

Each website come with a 3-month warranty for any bugs or glitches regarding the functionality of the website. After the 3-month period any technical issues on the website will be apart of webmastering and be billed on an hourly basis.

  1. 3rd Party Hosting

Crown Marketers is associated with and recommends GoDaddy & Host Gator for domains, web security and hosting. Crown Marketers is not responsible for hosting/server issues if the client already has or wishes to go with a different provider.

  1. Printed Material

Any project(s) which include printed material must be approved by the client before finalizing. Crown Marketers recommends that your chosen printers provide you with a digital proof before printing. Crown Marketers is not responsible for any issues once the project has been printed. If an issue does occur before printing, Crown Marketers will gladly address and fix the problem.


Our quoted prices are an estimator for clients to determine the rough price range for project(s). Any price quoted prior to the set final price on the contract is may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

  1. Confidentiality & Disclosure

All information, ideas and concepts presented by the client are deemed confidential and will not be disclosed with any third parties. Clients are welcome to provide non-discloser agreement for us to sign before any meetings or project commencements.

  1. Website Content

All content for the website both text and graphics must be provided from the client, unless agreed upon beforehand. The client is liable for any issues regarding copyright or trademark issues which may arise from content provided by the them.

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