Starting Your Website – The Basic Tools (Hosting & Domain Recommendations)

Starting Your Website – The Basic Tools (Hosting & Domain Recommendations)

Once you have decided that you need a website for your business, brand or whatever it maybe, there are two essential when it comes to getting started. The domain name and hosting package are essential tools you will need no matter what to build your website. At Crown Marketers we have selected two hosting/domain providers that we use personal and recommend for all our clients, Host Gator and GoDaddy. Both companies have been around for quite sometime and have reputable brands themselves that many people trust to use.

Both GoDaddy and Host Gator would be highly recommended to use, however they do both have their own pros and cons. We will cover and go over with you the pros and cons of each provider as well let you know our final verdict as to whom we recommend ahead of the other. If you have any other recommendation you feel people should know about or want us to take a look at let us know in the comments below!

Recommendation #1 – Host Gator

Let’s cover the pros and cons of using Host Gator for domain and hosting.

Host Gator Pros

Reliable & Fast Hosting

When compared to GoDaddy we feel and see a difference in the servers. We tend to have less issues and slow down when using Host Gator, however we don’t usually have any issues with GoDaddy we just feel the latter is a bit behind. We can easily host multiple website with a fair amount of traffic going to each without any issues when using hosting packages from Host Gator. If you need to host multiple sites under one package then Host Gator maybe the way to go for you.

Cheaper Prices

If you’re looking for the best prices Host Gator is usually the place to go. When compared to GoDaddy the prices are usually lower, plus you can get your first month of hosting for just a single penny! However, please do keep in mind that Host Gator charges in USD which we will cover shortly.

Easy C-Pannel Setup

First time we used the c-pannel with host gator we where very happy wit the easy setup process. If you are worried about the hassle to do the initially setup, you have no fear as Host Gator makes it simple to get the basics done in order to get your website going.

Host Gator Cons

No Free Domain

Unlike GoDaddy, when you purchase a hosting package from Host Gator you don’t get a free domain name. This makes getting your hosting at GoDaddy a bit more logically as you can get both the required tools, domain and hosting, for one price at the same time. However, the first month for just a penny at Host Gator does offer some value to offset the cost of not including a domain name.

Priced In USD

As we touched on before, the payment at Host Gator is only processed in USD. This can make them more expensive depending on if the conversion rate for your home currency is not to par with USD. If you are in the USA, then this would obviously not apply to you.

Navigation & Purchasing

When compared to GoDaddy the easy of navigation and purchasing is not as easy. While the install setup for the basic c-pannel may be easy at Host Gator, other process may cause you to scratch your head bit. If you have used both GoDaddy and Host Gator then you will easy tell and understand the easy of navigation around GoDaddy to be much simpler.


Host Gator Conclusion

Final words for Host Gator is that they provide cheap hosting on reliable and fast servers. That does come at the price of a bit more outdated and harder to navigate backend and lack of range of products. Plus if you are in Canada you run the risk of losing with the currency exchange. However, the main con is really the outdated UI and UX of the website when compared to GoDaddy, but if you can live with that then they provide some of the best hosting packages for the price! Plus, the only real person who see your hosting c-pannel is you so does that really matter if you know/learn how to navigate around?

Recommendation #2 – GoDaddy

Let’s cover the pros and cons of using GoDaddy for domain and hosting.


GoDaddy Pros

Clean & Modern Layout

As we said prior in our Host Gator cons, GoDaddy has the better layout out of the two. Their clean and modern layout makes it easy to navigate through and understand what exactly you are doing. Even the product catalog section at GoDaddy is much more organized to see all your products and manage them accordingly.

Multiple Currencies (For CAD$)

Depending on what country you visit from, GoDaddy offers payment is different currencies. This is great for us as well as other business in Canada as their is no conversion rate which make it a bit easier to budget for accordingly.

Pro Account Tool

GoDaddy offers something pretty cool when compared to other hosting providers, that is their Pro Accounts and the tools that come with. If you sign up for a GoDaddy Pro account you can easily manage all your clients website from one dash board with out having to sign in or get access to their account. This keeps it much more secure and easy when working with clients, plus you can even send the product they need to purchase directly to their account and have them checkout on their own. These pro account also allow you to gain reward points in the form of a monitory credit which you can redeem for anything on the GoDaddy website.

Free Domain

Every hosting account/package you purchase from GoDaddy will include a free domain name for a year, after that you will be charged the regular price for domain ownership. This freebie offers a great value to many looking to get started and is something many are still surprised to learn.

Great Customer Service

We love the quick and easy support with GoDaddy. They are always fast and easy to work with to solve your problem, they even go above and beyond your expectation most times. All support agents are knowledge in helping you solve your problem. Plus, if you have a pro account you get faster connection to a customer service representative instead of waiting normally inline.

Wide Range of Products/Services

If you take a look at the product catalogue at GoDaddy you can see instantly that it is much large than that of Host Gator. Host Gator does offer more products that what is shown on their website but you have to call in to inquire and place the order. For example to get an SSL certificate from Host Gator you need to fill out a form or call into them directly to order the certificate for you website(s). At GoDaddy you can do it on your own on the website and setup up instantly.


GoDaddy Cons

Servers Are A Bit Behind Competition

When we looked at and observed the server capabilities for hosting at GoDaddy we felt as it it was just behind Host Gator. While we don’t routinely see much difference it is noticeable when an issue does occur. However, the servers at GoDaddy as still top notch when compared to other low budget providers and the customer support they offer more than makes up for it. Plus, if you need fast hosting or a better server they always have upgraded options.

Will Auto-Update Unless You Configure Settings

Many of the options and setting for GoDaddy are defaulted in “Auto-Update”. For example, if you use wordpress for your website then GoDaddy will automatically update to the newest version each time an update is available unless you disable that option. This is an easy con to look pass however, you just need to put some extra time in in tally to make sure you only “Auto-Update” what is required.

Higher Prices

As mentioned earlier, GoDaddy does charge a bit more of a premium when compared to the completion. You can usually expect to pay sometimes up to double what you can get from some smaller providers. Even Host Gator for such a big company charges cheaper for their products. However, the higher prices does give many benefits and pros when compared to the offerings of the completion.


GoDaddy Conclusion

To wrap it up with GoDaddy, you are going to be paying a higher price than other providers and you make be surprised at what they charge. However, the quality of their hosting severs and products bundled with great customer services and all the added benefits (pros) which I started make up for the higher price point. If you want to have less headache when it comes to the essential then usually GoDaddy will have you covered and make it easy to get your site running!

The Final Verdict

When it comes down to it both Host Gator and GoDaddy offer top notice services for your website’s hosting and domain. However, if we had to pick one over the other we would have to give our money to GoDaddy. The Pro Account tool and payment in CAD really gives us more value from using them, especially with us being in Canada and an Agency with numerous clients to manage. However, we could see if you are an individual just looking for a single hosting package and live in the USA, choosing Host Gator as opposed to GoDaddy. We have happy to recommend both to use at Crown Marketers as the choice is ultimately upto you!

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